BORA Token

PTZ Token



  • mid-April
  • mid-May
  • mid-June
  • July
    • ⦁ access to COMPETZ's official homepage
    • ⦁ access to COMPETZ's online community networks
    • ⦁ dissemination of press releases related to COMPETZ
    • ⦁ Solitaire for COMPETZ pre-registration
    • ⦁ Solitaire for COMPETZ pre-registration event
    • ⦁ Bingo for COMPETZ pre-registration
    • ⦁ Bingo for COMPETZ pre-registration event
    • ⦁ the global release of both Solitaire and Bingo for COMPETZ

Subsequent games will be periodically released on the COMPETZ platform.


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  • Q.

    What is ‘COMPETZ?’

    ‘COMPETZ’ is a service providing a platform on which players can enjoy a variety of PVP (player-vs-player) casual games utilizing the Compete-To-Earn blockchain based gaming model. Gamers compete against other players to earn rewards. In order for players to complete within the games on the platform, each user must first pay to participate using GEM, the standard in-game currency for ‘COMPETZ.’ Based on a player’s individual performance more GEM can be earned which can then be converted into cryptocurrency.

  • Q.

    What kind of games are available on ‘COMPETZ?’

    COMPETZ provides users with intuitive casual PVP based games such as hunting, mini golf, billiards, bingo, and also solitaire. Within these games, users can enjoy fair competition based on their skills and experience. Future games will continuously be released on the platform.

  • Q.

    When can we expect games to be launched on ‘COMPETZ?'

    Both Solitaire for COMPETZ and Bingo for COMPETZ are set to launch sometime in July, after which at least one game will be released each quarter. More detailed information such as related schedules and game descriptions will be gradually disclosed on the official homepage.

  • Q.

    What comprises the NFTs on ‘COMPETZ?’

    The NFTs on COMPETZ are made up of equippable skins that are unique to each individual game, as well as PFPs (Picture For Profile) images.
    COMPETZ PFPs provide particular benefits for every game on the platform while skins provide unique benefits for specific games.

  • Q.

    What is the total number of NFTs that will be minted on ‘COMPETZ?’

    A total of 10,000 NFTs will be minted for the COMPETZ program of which 9,000 will be minted in waves while the remaining 1,000 will be made available through events and other promotions.

  • Q.

    Around when can we expect the NFTs to be minted?

    1,000 NFTs will be made available during the first round of minting which is set to occur in mid-April.
    The second round of minting comprising an additional 1,000 NFTs is set to occur in mid-May with the third round of another 1,000 NFTs scheduled for mid-June.
    All subsequent mintings will be disclosed on COMPETZ's official homepage.
    Note that other additional NFTs will be minted for events and other promotions.

  • Q.

    What are the requirements to get whitelisted for NFTs on ‘COMPETZ?’

    COMPETZ PFP holders can be whitelisted during subsequent mintings.
    In addition, one can also be whitelisted via events and other promotions.

  • Q.

    How many NFT skins can we expect for each individual game?

    This information will be made available on COMPETZ's official homepage at a future date.

  • Q.

    What is the token used on the COMPETZ platform?

    The particular token utilized on COMPETZ is associated with the BORA coin. More detailed information will be made available on COMPETZ's official homepage at a future date.